Streamlining Access Management with Rhombus Access Control

Rhombus Access Control is a cutting-edge system that offers seamless, intelligent, and user-friendly access management solutions. This innovative system combines state-of-the-art hardware with cloud management to provide elevated access control for modern facilities.

Rhombus Access Control offers a range of high-quality hardware products designed for durability, reliability, and security. These include the DC20 4-Door Access Control Unit, the DR20 Door Reader, and the DR40 Video Intercom. The cloud-managed access control unit simplifies installation, remote management, and infinite scalability, while the intelligent door reader provides multiple touchless access options such as physical card, mobile app, remote unlock, and wave-to-unlock. The DR40 Video Intercom is an intelligent intercom system that serves as a doorbell, door reader, and real-time video-capturing tool for access events.

Rhombus Access Control are extensive

The benefits of Rhombus Access Control are extensive, including reliable cloud management, remote door locking and unlocking, access schedules, lockdown plans, automatic firmware updates, and much more. The cloud management system centralizes the management of doors, users, and permissions from anywhere, while remote door locking and unlocking allow for control of entry and the issuance of guest passes without being onsite. Access schedules can be set up for employees, and lockdown plans can be implemented for emergencies like fires or active shooter situations. Automatic firmware updates keep the system up-to-date with security infrastructure and new features at no cost.

Rhombus Access Control also integrates with DR40 Video Intercom and Rhombus security cameras to provide valuable context and a complete picture of facility events. Synchronized video clips automatically pair access events with corresponding security footage, making investigation and review of access events much easier. Real-time alerts can be set up for denied entry, face mismatch, tailgating, and more. Custom workflows can also be created between access control, cameras, sensors, and alarms for added convenience.

While there are numerous benefits to Rhombus, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. For instance, there is a limited number of camera models available in each category, and the pricing for cameras and sensors may be prohibitive for some users. Additionally, the full functionality of the system relies on cloud connectivity.

Rhombus Access Control

In conclusion, Rhombus Access Control is a top-of-the-line management system that provides a seamless, intelligent, and user-friendly experience. The hardware and benefits of the system, as well as its integration with other devices, make it an ideal solution for modern facilities looking to elevate their access control capabilities. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of the system to determine if it’s the right fit for your facility’s needs and budget.

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