Effective Astrological Remedies For Luck

Nobody wants to live in a house without any good fortune, whether they believe in superstition. Along with diligence and planning, good luck is essential for achieving success, wealth, and luxury. In Hindu astrology, the placement of the nine planets, known as Navagrahas, in a person’s horoscope is thought to have a decisive impact on that person’s destiny. The contrast between those who are weak and those who are strong is plain to see in their life.

According to astro chat, a person unfavorable to Bhagyaesh generally has challenging life conditions. It fails to reap the rewards of its labor and grows financially weaker. Astrology has revealed the solution that will unquestionably be successful for this issue. To improve one’s fortune, one must learn how to strengthen a planetary position in the horoscope.

Astrological Remedies To Improve Luck

Free 5 minutes astrology has come up with the following treatments based on your birth chart.

  • Give the rising Sun water and say one Gayatri Mantra rosary daily to make the Sun lucky in the horoscope.
  • If Bhagyesh Moon is causing problems in your horoscope, repeat one rosary of “Om Shram Shree Shron Sah Chandramse Namah” daily. Additionally, it is recommended that you use a silver water glass at all times.
  • On Tuesday, feed laborers sweets and contribute red lentils to make Bhagyesh Mars favorable in the horoscope. Simultaneously, repeat Sunderkand, particularly on Tuesdays.
  • If Mercury doesn’t perform well in your horoscope, wear a copper bracelet for boys in the right hand and girls in the left. In addition, one should worship Ganapati, provide green fodder to the cow, etc., to receive Mercury’s auspiciousness.
  • If Devguru Brihaspati is causing you affliction in the horoscope, first worship Lord Vishnu to acquire their auspiciousness. Donate yellow goods on Thursday and feed the cow potatoes with turmeric.
  • If Venus is unlucky in your horoscope, one must chant “Om Shum Shukraya Namah ” daily with a crystal garland to bring good fortune. Donate rice on Friday, as well. Regular worship of the goddess Lakshmi is said to be a financial success.
  • Avoid wearing black and blue if your Bhagyesh Shani is weak. You should also honor Hanuman and recite the Hanuman Chalisa every day. This should also be done on Saturday, under the Peepal tree instead.

Lucky Gemstones

Everyone wants to live a life full of joy and accomplishment. When things go wrong in life, it can cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Gemstones are believed to have magical properties that shield their owners from harm and ensure they live long, healthy, and prosperous lives. Astrologersrecommend wearing certain gemstones to lessen difficult times and turn them into wish-granting moments. You might be lucky if you wear the right gemstone correctly.


It is said that Opal can help one find a life partner, pay off debts, and have a happy and prosperous marriage. Wear an opal and use astrological marriage advice if you have problems meeting the proper person. The gemstone is thought to have several positive effects, including marriage, success in business, and the ability to get past emotional and relational problems. White metals, like Opal, are associated with Venus and are appropriate to wear on Friday.


A diamond represents undying devotion and the height of wealth. Some believe it can ward off supernatural forces and evil. Astrological sources believe it is a magical medical jewel for kidney, throat, and eye problems. The diamond brings fame, luck, and charm to the wearer in addition to medicinal astrology.


Emerald is the “Stone for Successful Love” because it promotes affection, fidelity, and insight. This precious stone is associated with affluence and professional advancement and has long been associated with royalty. Wearing gold or silver on Wednesday with an emerald will attract Mercury’s positive energy.


According to Hindu tradition, a person who wears a hessonite would be blessed with all five of life’s greatest gifts: Dharma, Kama, Dhyana, Artha, and Moksha. The stone of hessonite is associated with intellectual pursuits and professional advancement. A student can benefit from it because it enhances focus and brings good fortune on tests. Hessonite has Rahu as its planetary ruler; thus, wearing it set in silver on your middle finger is a good idea.


The mysterious ruby is a stone of good fortune, spirituality, happiness, and health. Suppose a ruby’s color shifts from red to brown; bad luck is on the horizon. As a warning sign, it allows you to think things through and devise a plan. Sunday is the day to wear a copper or gold ring with a ruby, as the gem is related to the Sun’s strength.


Some of the most well-known astrological gems and remedies are listed here. However, before wearing a gem, it’s wise to get the advice of an astrologer. After analyzing your planetary alignment and its implications, they recommend a gemstone. If you want to get the benefits of gems, make sure you wear real ones. The astrologer will advise on the best method to wear the stone and the lucky chants to recite while staring upon it.

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