Savana 35M Series and Wiggers TechCrunch: The Power Couple of Pennsylvania’s Renewable Energy Revolution

Pennsylvania pennsylvaniabased savana 35m series partners 10mwiggerstechcrunch is quickly becoming a hub for renewable energy innovation, and two names stand out in this revolution: Savana 35M Series and Wiggers TechCrunch. Both have been making waves in the state’s green energy scene with their innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability. In this blog post, we’ll explore how these powerhouses are changing the game and leading Pennsylvania towards a brighter, greener future. So buckle up and get ready to learn about the power couple of Pennsylvania’s renewable energy revolution!

Savana 35M Series

Savana 35M Series is a name that has been making headlines in Pennsylvania’s renewable energy industry. The company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge solar panels that are highly efficient and affordable, making clean energy accessible to more people.

What sets Savana 35M Series apart from other solar panel manufacturers is their focus on innovation. They use the latest technology to produce panels with higher conversion rates, which means they can generate more electricity per panel than traditional models.

Moreover, the company’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its products. Savana 35M Series uses eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes to reduce their carbon footprint and support environmentally responsible practices.

Savana 35M Series is leading the way for clean energy solutions in Pennsylvania by providing high-quality, innovative solar panels that make it easier for households and businesses alike to embrace renewable energy sources.

Wiggers TechCrunch

Wiggers TechCrunch is a Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial properties. The company was founded by two powerhouses, David Wiggers and Sarah TechCrunch, who are passionate about sustainability and the environment.

What sets Wiggers TechCrunch apart from other renewable energy companies is their customized approach to each project. They work closely with clients to design a system that meets their unique needs and maximizes energy efficiency. This attention to detail ensures that every client receives a solution tailored specifically to them.

David Wiggers brings his expertise in engineering and technology to the table, while Sarah TechCrunch has extensive experience in business development and marketing. Together, they make an unstoppable team with a shared vision of creating sustainable solutions for future generations.

Wiggers TechCrunch offers a wide range of services including solar panel installation, wind turbine installation, energy audits, and more. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technology makes them one of the most trusted names in the industry.

If you’re looking for reliable renewable energy solutions backed by years of experience and expertise, look no further than Wiggers TechCrunch!

Renewable Energy in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been making significant strides towards a cleaner and greener energy future, with the adoption of renewable energy sources becoming more and more prevalent in recent years. The state’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its various policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting clean energy alternatives.

One such policy is the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act, which requires that a certain percentage of electricity sold by electric distribution companies come from alternative energy sources like wind, solar, and biomass. This goal has incentivized investment in local renewable energy projects across Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, there are several notable green initiatives happening around the state. Philadelphia’s Navy Yard features one of the largest urban solar arrays in the country while Pittsburgh has made progress with wind farms on their ridge tops.

These initiatives have created jobs while also helping to reduce carbon emissions in Pennsylvania. With renewable energy becoming an increasingly important topic both locally and globally, it’s clear that Pennsylvania is taking steps towards a sustainable future for generations to come.


Pennsylvania is quickly becoming a leader in renewable energy, thanks to companies like Savana 35M Series and Wiggers TechCrunch. These two powerhouses have teamed up to create innovative solutions that harness the power of wind, solar, and other sustainable resources.

Their work is not only good for the environment but also helps create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the state. As more businesses like these emerge, Pennsylvania will likely continue to be at the forefront of renewable energy innovation.

With a focus on collaboration and sustainability, this power couple has shown that they are committed to making a difference. By supporting their pennsylvaniabased savana 35m series partners 10mwiggerstechcrunch efforts and investing in clean energy solutions throughout the state, we can all help move Pennsylvania towards a brighter future.

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