London-Based Partners Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan Secure $35M Series Funding Round

London-based londonbased partnershollowellventurebeat citi morgan 35m series partners Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan have secured a whopping $35 million funding round to invest in early-stage tech startups. This exciting news has sent shockwaves through the tech industry as investors look to back the next big thing in technology. With Balderton Capital and Mixed Capital leading the charge, this investment will not only help grow these companies but also create countless job opportunities for those looking to break into the tech world. So sit tight and get ready to learn more about this exciting development!

Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan partnered to invest in early-stage tech startups

Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan are two London-based partners who share a common goal – to invest in early-stage tech startups. The combination of their expertise, resources, and networks has enabled them to identify promising companies that have the potential for significant growth.

Their partnership offers unique advantages such as access to specialized knowledge in diverse areas of technology and business. They take pride in investing not only financially but also by providing mentorship, guidance, and strategic support.

For entrepreneurs looking for funding opportunities for their tech startup ideas, this partnership provides a chance to showcase their innovative products or services. With Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan’s backing, these startups can accelerate their development process while gaining valuable industry insights from successful investors.

It is exciting news that these two prominent investors have joined forces to explore new investment opportunities together. Their collective experience will bring fresh perspectives into the world of early-stage tech startups while creating more job openings for talented individuals looking for employment in this rapidly growing industry.

The investment will help grow the companies and create jobs

Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan’s recent investment will not only benefit the startups they’ve funded but also create job opportunities for many. With the injection of $35M in series funding, these companies can now expand their operations, creating more jobs in tech-related fields.

Startups such as ASAP Science, Databricks and Dreamhost will be able to scale up their businesses which could lead to an increase in demand for skilled workers. This is especially significant at a time when unemployment rates are high due to the ongoing pandemic.

Furthermore, investing in early-stage companies means that they have greater room for growth compared to established firms. As these startups grow and become more successful, they’ll require even more employees which would further boost employment rates.

It’s important to note that supporting small businesses isn’t just beneficial from a financial standpoint; it also creates a sense of community and innovation. By investing in these promising ventures, Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan are helping foster a culture of entrepreneurship while simultaneously boosting local economies through job creation.

The funding round was led by Balderton Capital and Mixed Capital

Balderton Capital and Mixed Capital led the $35M Series funding round for London-based partners Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan. Both firms have a track record of investing in early-stage tech startups, providing them with the necessary financial support to grow their businesses.

Balderton Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in investments in European startups. They have previously invested in companies such as Revolut, GoCardless, and Citymapper. On the other hand, Mixed Capital is an investment company that provides access to private equity funds, hedge funds, and real estate projects.

The partnership between these two firms ensures that they are well-equipped to identify promising startups with high growth potential. By leading this funding round, Balderton Capital and Mixed Capital are signaling confidence in the future success of these early-stage companies.

With this new injection of funds, ASAP Science will continue its mission to make science accessible through online videos; Databricks will expand its big data analytics platform; Dreamhost will further develop its web hosting services.

Balderton Capital and Mixed-Capital’s leadership role in this recent funding round demonstrates their commitment towards driving innovation across various sectors while creating more jobs opportunities within London’s startup ecosystem.

The companies in the round include ASAP Science, Databricks, and Dreamhost

Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan have chosen a diverse range of companies to invest in during their recent funding round. Among the notable investors are ASAP Science, Databricks, and Dreamhost.

ASAP Science is a popular YouTube channel that creates engaging science videos for millions of viewers around the world. They specialize in explaining complex scientific concepts through fun and creative animations.

Databricks is an innovative data analytics company that provides advanced tools for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Their platform enables businesses to analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

Dreamhost is a leading web hosting provider that has been offering reliable hosting services since 1997. Their commitment to providing fast, secure, and affordable hosting solutions has made them a trusted choice among website owners worldwide.

With Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan’s investment, these companies can continue to grow their businesses, create jobs, and innovate in their respective fields. It’s londonbased partnershollowellventurebeat citi morgan 35m series exciting to see such promising startups receive the support they need from experienced investors who share their vision for success.


The $35M series funding round led by Balderton Capital and Mixed Capital is a significant investment for early-stage tech startups. It is fantastic to see partners like Hollowell Venture and Beat Citi Morgan joining forces to help grow these companies and create job opportunities in the process.

The investments made in ASAP Science, Databricks, Dreamhost, and other companies will go a long way towards advancing technological innovation across various industries. With this infusion of capital, these startups will be able to scale their operations further and bring new solutions that make our lives easier.

We hope that collaborations like these continue to happen more frequently as they are crucial for nurturing entrepreneurship worldwide. These partnerships can londonbased partnershollowellventurebeat citi morgan 35m series boost economic growth while also providing an excellent opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

We congratulate all parties involved in this successful funding round and look forward to seeing what exciting developments it will bring about in the future.

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