Explore the Versatile World of VelociRAX: Ultimate Gear Storage Solution for Bike Owners

The thrill of hitting the open road or tackling challenging trails is unparalleled for bike enthusiasts. However, bike owners face one common challenge: finding efficient and secure storage solutions for their beloved two-wheelers and accompanying gear. Enter VelociRAX, a brand that has revolutionized gear storage for cyclists. In this article, we’ll delve into the versatile world of VelociRAX and discover how their innovative products can enhance your cycling experience.

VelociRAX 6 and VelociRAX 7

The VelociRAX 6 and VelociRAX 7 are two of the flagship products offered by VelociRAX. These high-quality hitch-mounted bike racks are designed to accommodate various bike types, from road to mountain bikes. The VelociRAX 6 can hold up to six bikes, while the VelociRAX 7 can carry up to seven, making them perfect for group rides or family adventures. Both models feature robust construction and easy loading and unloading to keep your bikes safe during transport.

VelociRAX BMX 412

The VelociRAX BMX 412 is a game-changer for those who love BMX biking. This specialized rack is designed to securely hold BMX bikes, ensuring a snug fit that minimizes movement during transit. With its lightweight yet durable build, the VelociRAX BMX 412 is the ideal companion for BMX enthusiasts looking to transport their bikes safely and conveniently.

Integrated Locking System

Security is paramount when it comes to bike transportation. VelociRAX understands this concern and offers an Integrated Locking System that provides peace of mind. This system lets you lock your bikes to the rack, preventing theft during pit stops or overnight stays. Your gear will be safe and sound, no matter where your cycling adventures take you.

Light Bar

Safety on the road is a top priority for cyclists, especially during low-light conditions. VelociRAX’s Light Bar is a thoughtful addition to their product lineup, enhancing visibility when transporting your bikes at night. This light bar ensures that your vehicle, rack, and bicycle are well-lit, reducing the risk of accidents and providing added safety during nighttime travel.

Receiver Hitch Adaptors

Not all vehicles have the same hitch size, and VelociRAX recognizes this diversity. Their Receiver Hitch Adaptors enable you to connect VelociRAX racks to various hitch sizes, ensuring compatibility with various vehicles. This flexibility means you can use your VelociRAX rack with multiple cars, making it a versatile investment.

Fat Tire Baskets and Small Tire Baskets

Cyclists come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their bikes. VelociRAX offers Fat Tire Baskets and Small Tire Baskets as optional accessories, catering to different tire sizes. These baskets provide added stability and security when transporting bikes with unconventional tire widths, such as fat or kids’ bikes. VelociRAX’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that all cyclists can enjoy the benefits of their gear storage solutions.

Cable Lock

VelociRAX offers a Cable Lock for additional security that complements their Integrated Locking System. This cable lock allows you to further secure your bikes to the rack, providing an extra layer of protection against theft. With VelociRAX, you can rest assured that your valuable bikes are well-protected.


VelociRAX has earned its reputation as the ultimate gear storage solution for bike owners through innovation, versatility, and a commitment to cyclist safety. Whether you’re a dedicated road cyclist, an adventurous mountain biker, or a BMX enthusiast, VelociRAX has a product to suit your needs. With great features, VelociRAX has created a comprehensive lineup that caters to every aspect of your cycling journey. Say goodbye to storage woes and embark on your next cycling adventure with VelociRAX, the brand that truly understands and supports the needs of cyclists.

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