Breaking Down the 35m Series Think RTP GlobalUpadhyayEntrackr Investment

In 35m series think rtp globalupadhyayentrackr the world of startups, funding plays a crucial role in determining success. Recently, RTP Global announced their investment of $35 million in UpadhyayEntrackr – an Indian startup that has been making waves in the tech scene. As one of the largest investments made by RTP Global so far, this 35m Series is worth taking a closer look at. Join us as we break down what this investment means for UpadhyayEntrackr and how it will impact the startup ecosystem in India.

What is the 35m Series?

The 35m Series is a funding round that involves raising $35 million in capital for UpadhyayEntrackr, an Indian startup focused on providing innovative tech solutions to businesses. This investment will provide the company with the necessary funds to continue developing their products and expanding their reach.

A Series of funding typically occurs when a business has already received initial investments from seed investors or angel investors and needs more significant funds to scale up operations. In this case, the 35m Series is considered a noteworthy accomplishment as it shows that UpadhyayEntrackr has gained traction in its respective market and has caught the attention of high-profile investors like RTP Global.

It’s important to note that fundraising rounds can vary depending on the amount raised, investor participation and other factors – with some startups requiring multiple series of funding before achieving profitability. However, successfully securing such a substantial investment from reputable sources bodes well for UpadhyayEntrackr’s future prospects.

What is RTP Global?

RTP Global is a venture capital firm that invests in startups across the globe. The company was founded by Leonid Boguslavsky, an experienced entrepreneur and investor who has been involved in multiple successful businesses.

What sets RTP Global apart from other VC firms is its approach to investing. Rather than simply providing funding, the firm also offers strategic guidance and support to help startups grow and succeed. This includes access to their extensive network of industry experts and mentors.

The firm focuses on a range of sectors including e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, education, and more. One of RTP Global’s key strengths is its ability to identify promising startups early on in their development cycle.

With offices in New York, Moscow, Bangalore, and Berlin, RTP Global has a truly global presence. The firm has invested in over 80 companies since it was founded in 2000 with notable portfolio companies including Delivery Hero, Zilingo and Yandex.


RTP Global brings a unique perspective to the world of venture capital investing through its focus on helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses for the long-term.

What is UpadhyayEntrackr?

UpadhyayEntrackr is a media platform focused on startups and entrepreneurship in India. Founded by Neha Singh and Devendra Agrawal in 2016, the platform has quickly become one of the most trusted sources for news, analysis and insights on Indian startups.

The team at UpadhyayEntrackr consists of experienced journalists, researchers and analysts who are passionate about covering the startup ecosystem in India. They provide daily coverage of funding deals, product launches, industry trends and other developments that impact the Indian startup community.

One unique aspect of UpadhyayEntrackr is their focus on data-driven journalism. Their reports are often backed up by extensive research to provide readers with accurate information and insights into various aspects of the Indian startup ecosystem.

UpadhyayEntrackr plays an important role in shaping the narrative around Indian startups. By providing insightful coverage backed by data-driven analysis, they help entrepreneurs stay informed while also promoting transparency within the industry.

How will this investment be used?

The $35 million Series Think investment led by RTP Global in UpadhyayEntrackr is a significant amount of money that will allow the startup to accelerate its growth plans. So, how exactly will this investment be used?

UpadhyayEntrackr plans to use the funds to further develop and enhance their product offerings. This includes expanding their technical capabilities, improving user experience, and increasing the scale of their operations.

The startup will focus on strengthening its team with new hires across various domains like sales, marketing and technology. This would help them boost customer acquisition rates while also providing better services for existing clients.

They plan to expand geographically into other cities within India while simultaneously exploring international markets. By doing so they can diversify revenue streams which would provide long-term sustainable growth.

This investment presents an opportunity for UpadhyayEntrackr to cement its position as a leading player in the Indian tech ecosystem while also driving innovation forward.

What are the benefits of this investment?

The 35m Series investment by RTP Global in UpadhyayEntrackr is a significant development for the Indian startup ecosystem. This funding will not only enable UpadhyayEntrackr to expand its operations but also create several benefits for both investors and customers alike.

This investment will help UpadhyayEntrackr to improve its technology and build better products that meet customer needs. The company will have more resources to invest in research and development, which can lead to innovative solutions that benefit everyone.

With the backing of RTP Global, UpadhyayEntrackr will be able to leverage their expertise and experience in building successful startups. This partnership could potentially attract more investors who are interested in supporting promising ventures or entrepreneurs looking for guidance on how best to grow their businesses.

This investment has the potential to create jobs within India’s startup industry. As UpadhyayEntrackr grows and expands, it may need additional staff members who can help support its operations or develop new products/services.

This investment sends an encouraging message about the future of India’s startup ecosystem. It shows that there is still interest among global investors in supporting emerging businesses within India despite recent challenges faced by some sectors caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

We can expect positive developments from this collaboration between RTP Global and UpadhyayEntrackr as they work towards creating innovative solutions while contributing positively towards society through job creation opportunities leading us towards a prosperous 35m series think rtp globalupadhyayentrackr future.

How will this impact the startup ecosystem in India?

The investment of 35 million dollars in UpadhyayEntrackr by RTP Global is going to have a significant impact on the startup ecosystem in India. First and foremost, it will be a boost for other startups as well, creating more opportunities for funding and growth.

Moreover, this investment will provide additional resources for UpadhyayEntrackr to expand their services and enhance their offerings. With an increased focus on innovation and technology, this company can now look forward to better research facilities and development tools that they can use to create cutting-edge products.

This infusion of funds into the Indian startup ecosystem is also expected to attract global investors who are looking for promising startups with high potential. This could ultimately lead to even more investments being made in Indian startups, further driving growth and progress.

The impact of this investment will be felt throughout the Indian startup community as it creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking financial 35m series think rtp globalupadhyayentrackr support while encouraging innovation within the industry.


The 35m Series Think RTP GlobalUpadhyayEntrackr investment is a significant boost to the Indian startup ecosystem. With this funding, UpadhyayEntrackr will be able to further develop its products and services, expand its team, and reach more customers. RTP Global’s expertise in investing in successful startups around the world makes them an excellent partner for UpadhyayEntrackr.

This investment not only benefits UpadhyayEntrackr but also has a positive impact on the overall entrepreneurial landscape in India. It sets a benchmark for other startups looking to secure funding and highlights India as a hub of innovation.

We can expect to see more investments like this 35m series think rtp globalupadhyayentrackr in the coming years as investors recognize India’s potential as a leader in tech startups. The future looks bright for both UpadhayaenTrackr and the Indian startup scene as a whole thanks to this exciting development.

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