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Microblading vs Cosmetic Tattooing: Choosing the Right Technique

Melbourne, renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse beauty trends, has become a thriving centre for cosmetic procedures. Two popular techniques in the city are microblading and cosmetic tattooing, particularly for enhancing eyebrows. While microblading offers a natural-looking enhancement, cosmetic tattooing provides a more defined and long-lasting solution. Procedures for cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne include lips, eyeliner, and eyebrows. It’s crucial to comprehend the distinctions between these strategies and consider each one’s fit for a particular preference to make an informed choice. Moreover, this article will provide valuable insights into the best places in Melbourne to undergo these procedures, catering to the varying needs of the city’s residents.

Technique and Procedure

Microblading involves using a manual hand tool with ultra-fine needles to create thin, hair-like strokes on the eyebrow area. For those wishing to seem more natural, this method is perfect. Throughout the procedure, a skilled professional meticulously shapes each stroke to match the appearance of eyebrow hairs closely. On the other hand, cosmetic tattooing, also known as eyebrow tattooing or feathering, uses a machine with a needle to implant pigment into the skin.

Longevity and Maintenance

When considering longevity, it is worth noting that cosmetic tattooing surpasses microblading in terms of lasting results. The pigments used in cosmetic tattooing penetrate deeper into the skin, creating a more permanent effect. Over the period from 2018 to 2023, there has been a remarkable 70% increase in the number of microblading procedures performed. However, this popularity comes with a caveat, as beauty trends and personal preferences can evolve. In contrast, microblading typically offers 1-3 years before a touch-up is required. This semi-permanent nature allows individuals to effortlessly adjust their eyebrow shape and style to stay in line with current trends or align with their evolving personal preferences.

Healing Process and Downtime

After the procedure, it is essential to consider each technique’s healing process and downtime. Microblading generally has a shorter healing time compared to cosmetic tattooing. The superficial nature of the strokes in microblading allows for quicker healing, with most individuals experiencing minimal scabbing and discomfort. However, following the aftercare instructions the technician provides is essential to ensure proper healing. Conversely, cosmetic tattooing involves deeper penetration into the skin, leading to a slightly longer healing process. Some swelling and scabbing are typical during the first week or more of the healing process, which might take a week or more.

Customisation and Flexibility

Both microblading and cosmetic tattooing offer customisation options to cater to individual preferences. Microblading allows for a more flexible approach in shape and thickness, as the technician creates the strokes individually. This technique provides a natural appearance and can be adjusted to complement the client’s facial features. However, cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne provides a precise and well-defined result for those who want a more polished appearance. The shape and colour can be tailored to match the client’s preferences.

Professional Expertise and Safety

Choosing the right technician or artist is crucial for both microblading and cosmetic tattooing procedures to ensure safe and satisfactory results. In Melbourne, several reputable establishments offer these services. The expertise, previous work, and commitment to a professional’s stringent safety and hygiene requirements must all be considered when choosing one. Making an informed choice also benefits from reading reviews and asking for advice from reliable sources.


Cosmetic tattooing in Melbourne has shown to be a successful way to improve eyebrow looks. Understanding the differences between these techniques is crucial for making an informed decision based on individual preferences and desired outcomes. While microblading offers a natural look with flexibility and a shorter healing time, cosmetic tattooing provides a more defined and longer-lasting effect. Remember to consult with a skilled technician, follow proper aftercare, and enjoy the confidence that comes with beautifully enhanced eyebrows.

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